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USA Today’s US News and World Report have come out with a list of the best car manufacturers in America. And the folks at US News aren’t promoting one manufacturer over another, they are promoting the brands that most Americans identify with. You see, most people associate the American auto industry with the big blue water of Lake Michigan and the little blue states on the Gulf coast. But that’s just a part of the story. So it’s no surprise that US News has put together this great auto industry "Best of Car Brands" report.

Among the best-selling makes and models is the GMC vehicle family. The General motors division is America’s second largest automaker behind Ford. For decades, GM has been a tireless competitor in both of North America’s largest auto markets: the coasts. GM produces both small and medium-sized sedans, pickups, and mid-size Cushman trucks.

Chrysler is a family-owned and operated automaker. And US News ranked them as the third highest selling automaker behind Toyota and Ford. It was the first time in the history of the survey that a brand other than the top three had been ranked higher than Ford. And it is only the second time that a non-Ford brand has been rated higher than Ford. (Toyota had previously been ranked number one.)

Chrysler’s biggest strength, however, is its bank cars and trucks. GMAC is the nation’s largest lender, and it manufactures a whole range of trucks, sport utility vehicles, and minivan. In fact, GMAC holds more of the US auto loan debt than any other lender. Bank of America, which is located in New York, is the nation’s largest bank. They are also one of the few banks that do not operate fleet vehicles.

Jeep is the third largest automaker in America, after GM and Chrysler. Jeep makes a great small to medium sized vehicle. Their Jeep Liberty, Grand Cherokee, and Compass have received favorable reviews from US News. They have been consistently ranked in the top five of their class when it comes to overall value for money. They are particularly well liked by the car market because many people feel that it is a better buy than those priced at least two or three times its value.

Finally, Jaguar is the fourth largest automaker in the UK. This company makes luxury and performance cars – such as the X type. Though it has recently started making cheaper sports cars, it still has one of the most powerful sedans on the market – the Jaguar E series. Many US News Best Buy awards have rewarded this British firm with a multiple award win, including Best Overall Performance, Best Overall Brand, and Best Overall Utility.

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