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The US News and World Report have done an excellent US News Auto Review of the GMAC (General Motors) operation. This is one of their well known brands and a very popular one. This auto company has been around for many years and it is highly respected. They do have a lot of well known brands that many people trust.

us news auto review

Many people experiencing problems with their Jeep either in general or with their transfer case will be interested in this review. Most of the issues reported in the US News Auto Review appear to be with the automatic transmission in particular. It appears that a significant number of people are having problems with the transmission and it is because of the wear and tear of the transmission parts. Here are some of the observations that they had regarding their own test cars:

* Their car did not fail. The first thing that most people experienced when they were following printed instructions was that their Jeep either did not fail or did not start at all. When they brought their car back in for a check up, it was too late to do anything about it. They had a very simple mechanical issue. They followed the steps, but it was too late. They ended up with an automatic transmission that did not work properly.

* Towing is better than it used to be. There are too many Jeep owners that have to tow their vehicles more than once a week due to the weight and design of the jeeps. Towing is no longer the problem that it was before. Towing is a much better match for most of today’s vehicles and manufacturers. In fact it is one of the first things that should be checked when the vehicle is put on a lift for repair or modification.

* Brake dust is worse than ever. As the wheels start to spin faster the brakes will get hot. If you have ever seen pictures of old towing trailers you will notice that the brakes had to be shot from far away. Today’s vehicles are much lighter so the brakes do not have to be shot so far away. This is great news for everyone that has to tow their vehicle to and from work or other locations.

* Towing is better than ever. It is hard to get into all of the new jeeps because of the shape and size. Today’s towing is not only safer, but it is easier to get into and out of. There are some cars that are easier to tow than others, such as the Dodge Challenger. It is not impossible to get into and drive a Jeep with the proper equipment, but it is not as easy as it used to be either.

* Brakes are better than ever before. Some of the newer models are equipped with the best brake systems available on any type of jeep. If you want to apply brake force quickly and efficiently without having to worry about pulling your pinion rods then these are the towing items for you. If you like to take your Jeep off-road then these towing accessories will help you do just that.

These are the top four items in the US News Auto Review. If you have a jeep you need one of these accessories for yourself. If you own a diesel model then you need one of these for your diesel towing. If you own any other type of Jeep model then you need one of these as well.

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