Auto home hybrid news – save money and the environment

Auto home, a hybrid of a car and a house! Talk about good news for the environment. If you are reading this then you must be very interested in the latest in eco-friendly housing, and solar-powered homes. But wait… before you take out that credit card and do something about climate change, let’s look at why these things are a bad idea.

The environmental impacts of having a hybrid car or a hybrid home are many times greater than those of a traditional home. So, yes, if you want to go green, buy a hybrid. But wait… before you buy one, maybe you should read this 1 auto home hybrid news article first.

Most people are familiar with solar power and wind power systems. They may even have some of those installed on their homes. But did you know that a hybrid car can actually use solar power as well? It seems incredible but it is true.

So, what is it about a hybrid car that makes them different? It’s all about the power converter, which transfers energy from the battery to the power inverter. In a standard gasoline vehicle, that system takes a battery back to the battery, stores it, and then to the alternator. The battery is rechargeable using gas or electricity and eventually released into the gas tank.

That means a hybrid vehicle will always run on one kind of fuel. Although hydrogen is becoming more common as an alternative fuel source, for now you will be limited to standard gasoline. There are some hybrids that run on Ethanol, which is made from sugar cane or corn.

But wait… that’s not enough. Solar power is great for powering your lights and heating your home. It’s also ideal for charging your hybrid vehicle’s battery. But did you know that you can actually power your whole home with solar panels as well? It sounds crazy but it’s true.

You don’t have to own a huge solar panel system and there are kits available that you can install on your own. You can power the majority of your household with a solar power but if you have a particularly large home, or lots of rooms, you may want to consider having solar-powered lights installed. You can charge your batteries from your solar panels as long as there is sun. Then when darkness falls, your batteries will still be charging and you’ll have power for lighting and heating your home all night long.

You can use a combination of technologies to provide power to your auto home. A hybrid car uses both gasoline and electricity to make its way to and from the parking lot. Some people are even using their solar panels to power an extension cord that plugs into the cigarette lighter in their vehicles so that they can continue to use their vehicles even when they are away from home. There is no doubt that more companies are going to be developing hybrid cars that run primarily on solar and wind energy and as demand increases, we will see new and exciting hybrid auto home options that will allow us to truly live green.

Did you know that you can actually save money on your monthly gas bill by choosing to have your HVAC system to heat your home instead of burn it? It is estimated that by having HVAC systems heat your home you can save up to 15% on your annual fuel bills. This is not a myth and is something that is being utilized all across the country.

Another great technology that is being developed is called "smart grass." This is a carpeting system that is being used in many new homes to make rooms more efficient and save money on energy costs. These new systems can sense how much moisture is in the air and will automatically eliminate excess moisture when they detect it. If you really want to go green, consider having this carpet installed in your home.

In today’s world of big data, you owe it to yourself to try one of these new technologies. They are all affordable and easy to maintain. Many of them can even be installed by yourself with just a few simple do it yourself steps. Why not give one of these systems a try? Your money will be back; and who knows you may find that it is the best investment you ever made.

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