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1 Auto Home News has just published their first annual "Best Green Holiday Buys" list. The list is based on consumer feedback and helps to guide you as you plan your holiday shopping. There’s a new best green home winner this year too. One of the top new picks this year is the 1 Auto Home Hybrid. This versatile vehicle from Honda performs well both in town and on the road thanks to its environmentally friendly features. This article will give you more information about this innovative new vehicle.

1 1 auto home home home hybrid hybrid news

One of the biggest questions consumers ask about today is whether or not hybrid vehicles are worth the cost. Consumers certainly have their opinions, but the truth is that the majority of the time hybrid vehicles are actually more expensive to own than an alternative fuel vehicle. For example, the average car will burn over eight thousand miles while a hybrid will burn only six thousand. So really, although a hybrid vehicle does cost more to buy it pays for itself within the first few years.

Hybrids use one of three alternate sources of power to run their engines. They run on gasoline, electricity, or gas mileage. The gasoline alternative is obviously the most economical, but it also requires the most maintenance. Unfortunately, it’s also the most toxic of the three. When the gas engine runs out of gasoline, a combustion chamber kicks in to give your vehicle to its power source.

Most hybrids run off of some sort of battery. Most use lithium ion batteries, but some manufacturers are adding magnesium to the mix as well. A hybrid can be equipped with both lithium ion and magnesium to maximise energy efficiency. Once the vehicle is charged, it runs off of water. It sounds counterintuitive, but the reason is because hydrogen is also present in the water which provides the same fuel mileage as gasoline but without the toxic fumes.

Home kits for constructing an auto home using a hybrid power source will also include the necessary plumbing and electrical systems to connect the house to the grid. These kits are available for purchase and come complete with wiring, pipes and piping and everything else you need to convert your home to run off of the local power grid. The 1 auto home news that you should know about is that it is actually possible to build one of these homes yourself, with materials that are found at your local home improvement store.

Most people looking for an energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to power their homes will opt to go with a solar system, since they are the most accessible. Building a home with solar panels does involve some do it yourself knowledge, but once you have the basics down, the project is relatively easy. There are different ways to create a solar panel from a variety of parts that are all easily obtainable in a local hardware store, including:

The final type of power source is a perpetual motion device (PMD), which is based on a magnetic motor. This concept is actually not that new, but it has been gaining in popularity over the past decade or so. A PMD is a coil that is placed in a housing and will turn when there is a flow of electricity through it. It will continuously spin, providing energy to any type of household application.

All of these types of alternative energy systems have been tested to the highest standards and should be viable options for any homeowner. Home solar kits are not the only way to go, as there are several different options that are available on the market. They can either be used completely on their own or in conjunction with other types of alternative power sources that are available. It will be up to you to find out which option is best for your home and your budget. As you continue to read this 1 auto home solar news article, you will be able to find out what type of system you will need to convert your home to run on renewable and clean energy.

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